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Richard Stubbs

Richard Stubbs

Richard is a consultant at The Network Factory, He's an expert in automation technologies, security and the Internet of Things. Whisky / Black Coffee / Green Tea

Technology Review

Technology tools within the DevOps world move at lightning speed. You often see a Cambrian explosion effect then rapid consolidation, and survival of the fittest (it does the job well, it's very easy to implement, fits with your existing tools and processes, and most of all has excellent documentation ...

2017 in Review and a Look Ahead

2017 at The Network Factory

As we come to that funny little time between Christmas and New Year when many companies are on hiatus, all my obscure outstanding support tickets have been closed and I have reached inbox nirvana, it gives me time to reflect on the last twelve months ...

We Have to Talk About Legacy

Let’s talk about legacy apps.

First off we shouldn’t really use the term ‘legacy’ any more, and rightly so. Legacy has a bad rap. It’s always used as the go-to scapegoat word for anything in the organisation that is no longer shiny and no-one wants to take ...